10 largest fast-growing companies

Many of the 100 fastest-growing companies are small and scrappy, but these 10 giants also rank in the Fortune 1000 list.

Fastest-growing rank: 21
Fortune 1000 rank: 35

Though the biggest news from America's favorite gadget maker is the recent departure of Steve Jobs and the appointment of Tim Cook as CEO, sales of the iPhone and iPad continue to explode. During its fiscal third quarter, iPad sales grew 183%, as the tablet of all tablets continues to outdo itself.

Apple has always been known for its ability to one-up itself, and this year has been no exception. The iPad 2 was unveiled in March; sleek, new MacBook Air laptops hit shelves this summer; and the world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, expected this fall. The company also unveiled its iCloud music service aimed at its faithful iPod owners and iTunes subscribers.

As Apple devotees bid adieu to the Steve Jobs era, they're also looking forward to finding out what Tim Cook has up his sleeve.

By Tara Moore - Last updated September 14 2011: 12:41 PM ET
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