36. Dan Yates & Alex Laskey
Dan Yates & Alex Laskey
Dan Yates (l) and Alex Laskey
Yates: CEO, co-founder, Opower
Age: 34

Laskey: President, co-founder, Opower Age: 34
Industry: Green

Yates and Laskey want to save the planet. They first met as undergraduates at Harvard and came together in 2007 to launch Opower, a software startup that generates detailed electricity-use reports -- distributed through electric and gas utilities -- to help homeowners reduce energy consumption. So far Yates and Laskey have been handed nearly $70 million in funding from the likes of Accel Partners and Kleiner Perkins, reach 10 million homes, and say they've saved people over $50 million on electricity bills.

iThermostat: Opower just partnered with Honeywell to offer thermostats controlled by mobile devices.

Last updated October 25 2011: 5:11 PM ET
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