40 Under 40: A photo portfolio

Meet the Blue-Chip Whisperer, the Comeback Kid, the Car Guy, and others in a selection of stars who have achieved a remarkable amount at a very early age.

The Blue-Chip Whisperer
The Blue-Chip Whisperer
Photographed at Yaffa Café, East Village, New York City
Bonin Bough, 33
Senior global director of digital and social media, Pepsico

Bough started telling Fortune 500 companies how to go digital more than a decade ago. Now, as a top social media strategist for PepsiCo, he has the ear of CEO Indra Nooyi. A lifelong early adopter, he owns 14 different tablets and travels with at least six mobile devices. "I use a different one every day. I love interface," he says. "If all you own is a BlackBerry and you're in this space, you should quit."

Photographs by Martin Schoeller - Last updated October 24 2011: 2:32 PM ET
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