• Inside Pfizer's palace coup

    Inside Pfizer's palace coup

    Did CEO Jeff Kindler get pushed out because he was shaking up the dysfunctional pharmaceutical giant -- or because he's an ineffective leader?

  • China: The next biotech superpower?

    China will spend billions on biotech, even as the industry struggles in the U.S. to turn research into gold. Will U.S. biotech become the next Detroit?

  • Allergan's survival strategy: Botox everlasting

    A huge part of Allergan's patent-cliff immunity against other big pharmaceuticals is its blockbuster Botox, which has helped the company evade the patent problems facing others in the industry.

  • The war over Lipitor

    India's Ranbaxy won the right to make a generic version of the $11 billion drug -- only to be accused of seri ous fraud and shoddy practices in another case. Now a fight is erupting over the mega-popular cholesterol medication.

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