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40 Under 40: How they'd fix the economy

This year's brightest young minds weigh in on how they'd turn our ailing country around.

Kevin Plank
Kevin Plank
Founder and CEO, Under Armour

40 Under 40 rank: 12

When you look at our country, we can sit back and try to finance the next Google or Facebook, but those are the long shots. We don't need one or two incredibly rich guys, we need hundreds of smart business owners. We need to empower that type of thinking and entrepreneurship as a whole. That's the fabric this country was founded on, and it's what is most under attack right now.

We need the brightest minds thinking about how to start new businesses. Don't empower just a few, and dump all the money into Silicon Valley. It should be all about starting new things, growth, and confidence instead of waiting on the next Harvard dropout.

By JP Mangalindan - Last updated October 24 2011: 2:44 PM ET
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