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Splurge: Family vacation
Splurge: Family vacation
This year Cheryl Pope is planning a vacation with her husband and daughter.
Name: Cheryl Pope
Hometown: Detroit

My husband lost his job at a local pizzeria here in Detroit in 2009. Their business suffered and they had to let him go. That really took a toll on our income. We cutback, we made a lot of spaghetti, chili, beans, things like that.

Six months ago, he found another job in the restaurant industry, so this year we are planning a family vacation. Before he got laid off we went to the Bahamas and this year we're going to Jamaica, so we'll be able to take the whole family. The trip will probably cost close to $4,000.

After eating Ramen noodles, beans and cornbread, and spaghetti every week for two years, I think it is time. We deserve it.

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Last updated January 27 2011: 12:37 PM ET
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