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Splurge: A car
Splurge: A car
Jordan Harbinger with his new Ford.
Name: Jordan Harbinger
Hometown: Los Angeles

I used to be a Wall Street attorney, and I got laid off in 2007. So I started my own company with my best friend. It's been successful, but it's just that it's still a start up.

I've cut back on food and started eating simple meals instead of ordering for dinner. I canceled cable. I haven't traveled much at all -- and I used to travel a lot.

Now, things are looking up for us, so I thought 'Ok, I'm going to get a car.'' I got a Ford Fusion, and I did get a deal on it. I'm totally happy with it, but having a car versus not having a car is going to require some lifestyle adjustments.

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Last updated January 27 2011: 12:37 PM ET
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