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100 best money moves

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Move 3: Buy a car that sips fuel
Move 3: Buy a car that sips fuel
Luxury winner: BMW 535 Gran Turismo
Gasoline prices are on the rise -- they've already passed $4 a gallon in some places -- but that doesn't mean your only option is a hybrid. Fuel technology has improved significantly for both hybrid and nonhybrid models. These vehicles are terrific overall values: They provide outstanding performance plus fuel economy that's better than average for their category.

Base price: $18,000
Fuel economy: 28 city/42 highway
Why it's great: It's not often the words "roomy" and "fun" go with "fuel-efficient," but here they do, all in one turbo-charged package.

Base price: $19,000 to $27,000
Fuel economy: 24/35
Why it's great: You could almost swear you were driving a Lexus, except it's cheaper and better on gas. There's a hybrid version too.

FORD MUSTANG V6 (sporty)
Base price: $22,000 to $31,000
Fuel economy: 19/29
Why it's great: Once, V-6 Mustangs were all show and not so much go. Now you get real performance along with respectable fuel economy.

Base price: $22,000 to $28,000
Fuel economy: 51/48
Why it's great: It gets more than twice the miles per gallon of the average car, and wins high marks for practicality too.

BMW 535 GRAN TURISMO (luxury)
Base price: $57,000
Fuel economy: 20/30
Why it's great: Packed with fuel-saving technology, this hatchback version of the classic 5-Series sedan is practical as well as a joy to drive.

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Last updated April 28 2011: 11:32 AM ET
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