Rewards hoppers
Rewards hoppers

Most banks try to lure consumers with promotional offers like sign-up bonuses or 0% interest for a limited time. But some customers sign up for the card, take the offer and move on.

Banks can identify customers with this tendency by looking at credit reports, which show how many cards they've had and how often they open new ones, said Beverly Harzog, credit card expert at

While it likely wouldn't be enough to reject a customer if they have an otherwise perfect profile, it's still a strike against you, she said.

But there would have to be an usually high number of opened and closed cards on your report for banks to really be concerned, said Nessa Feddis, vice president and senior council at American Bankers Association.

"A lot of opening and closing of accounts might be picked up by an issuer, but just a few is not going to make a huge difference," Feddis said.

Last updated May 11 2011: 3:56 PM ET

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