Talking to a human teller
Talking to a human teller

Talking to humans face-to-face is so 2010.

At least that's the philosophy at some banks.

Customers enrolled in Bank of America's e-banking account pay $8.95 a month for the privilege of accessing branches and talking to tellers when you need to make a transaction or deposit. But you can avoid this monthly maintenance fee by receiving online statements, enrolling in direct deposit and using ATMs to get cash.

At Capital One, branch support isn't available for online banking customers. If an online banking customer stops for help at a branch, they will be connected to the bank's online support team -- by phone.

At PNC, if you call a customer service representative to make transactions instead of doing it online, you're charged a fee between $2 and $3.

But most banks usually offer some type of account that gives you free access to tellers.

"Banks offer consumers different choices -- in fees and services -- based on individual preference and habits," said Feddis. "Those who choose an account with a fee to engage a bank employee usually get compensated with higher interest rates or other free or low-cost services."

Last updated June 16 2011: 10:54 AM ET
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