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'Mommy went shopping again.'
'Mommy went shopping again.'
Even before Craig "Speedy" Claxton played in the NBA, his wife Meeka was a serious shopper.

Meeka and Craig "Speedy" Claxton

Speedy: Usually my daughter will tell me, 'mommy went shopping again.' Or, I'll open the trunk and find a couple of bags in there.

Meeka: I leave things in there to hide them, but I have to come up with a new spot! I'll bring the bags in when he's not looking and put everything away. Then I won't wear it for awhile. Then when I wear it, I tell him I've had it for a long time, and in my heart I'm being honest.

Speedy: I found out really early that she was like this.

Meeka: That's another reason I feel like it shouldn't be that big of a deal because he always knew. I have always been like this. Plus, he's pretty much a local celebrity. I always felt, especially at home, that we always had to look the part. I always felt like we had to look a certain way.

But our kids have picked up my bad habits. My 8-year old will say, 'you got something so I want something, too.' That is what checks me nowadays.

Last updated July 01 2011: 10:22 AM ET
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