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She sent packages to her mother's house.
She sent packages to her mother's house.
Mike Zucconi's wife sends packages to her mother's house to hide her purchases.

Mike Zucconi

My wife and I have been married almost three years. Even when we were dating, I started seeing new things around. I just always noticed new jewelry, dresses, shirts. She would causally lie about it or be coy about it. I even caught her sending packages to her mother's house. She was paying for a lot of things she didn't need. She uses her debit card and there have been times when she overdraws our account. That's caused a lot of problems.

I don't mind her shopping, I just want her to take an interest in saving. I try to stress looking to the future. I want to go on vacation this summer and what if we start a family? Buying clothes and useless stuff like candles, I see as pointless. It's always been one of those disagreements in our relationship.

Last updated July 01 2011: 10:22 AM ET
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