Daniel Fineberg
Daniel Fineberg
Rider since: July 2011
Model: Honda Elite
$ saved per month: n/a (since he just started)
Hometown: Hollywood, Fla.

I always wanted a motorcycle, but I figured I'm 63 -- I'm too old for a motorcycle. And scooters seemed just as fun. So I got one and just finished a training course for it.

I'm still new to the whole thing, so there's definitely some intimidation -- I've been avoiding the terribly busy streets for now and using the scooter as a complement to my car. But I get 90 miles to the gallon, and my Jeep Liberty gets 17 [and costs about $65 to fill], so eventually as my experience grows I'll use the scooter more and more and the car less.

I've only had it for about three weeks, and I haven't had to refill it yet.

Last updated July 28 2011: 4:39 PM ET

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