Frank Resta
Frank Resta
Customer since: 1968 (43 years)
Age: 62
Bank: Chase (formerly Chase Manhattan)
Hometown: Long Island, NY

I clearly remember the day I opened my checking and savings account in July of 1968. I worked for MetLife, and there was a branch of Chase Manhattan inside the building.

In those days, we were all paid in cash. They would roll around the money wagon, and our money down to the penny would come around. I took home $77.59 a week, which at the time, I thought was more money than I knew what to do with.

We would then all run over to the Chase and deposit that money so we weren't just walking around the city with all that money in our pockets. Now the bank has gone through various acquisitions, but my account number has somehow stayed the same. And I'm now almost to my 10,000th check. I'm on check number 9,826 to be exact.

I use online banking and bill pay, and my wife and I do a routine each week where we go to the ATM and pull out the same amount of pocket money. We say to each other: 'Did you get the weekly yet?'

I now have business accounts with the bank, in addition to my personal accounts. And since I have so many accounts and I guess meet the requirements, the fees are waived for all of them.

Last updated September 15 2011: 11:20 AM ET

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