Matches ads to radio shows
Matches ads to radio shows
Name: David Dvorkin
Job: Account executive for radio station
Salary: $350,000
Age: 26
Hometown: New York, NY

I was hired at a radio station in the harsh recession of 2008 and in less than two years, I was making more than six figures at the age of 25.

After I got laid off from a consulting firm, I contacted everyone I knew and asked them for advice. I ended up finding the radio job through about five connections away. The general conception in college was that the only way you could make this much money is to go into banking, but this job dispels a lot of that myth -- and unfortunately, a lot of my friends who went into banking are miserable.

My day-to-day job is to create marketing plans for clients. So I think about who listens to which of our shows, and what kinds of products and ads would speak to those listeners. Then I find clients that fit and help them create strategies to target these people.

The job guarantees a certain amount of income, but most of it is commission. I know a lot of people say commission is risky, but your performance is your protection. So if you're good at what you do, a job like this can be one of the most secure jobs you can get.

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