Bank of Internet USA
Bank of Internet USA

This Internet bank's rewards checking account comes with interest rewards and cash-back offers when you use your debit card for purchases.

You start out with a 0% APY when you open your account, and you can raise it to as high as 1.25% after completing certain actions each month, such as making direct deposits and paying bills via free online bill pay.

Cash-back offers will pop up on your bank statement under transactions you have already made. If you recently bought something at McDonald's, for example, you may see a 10% cash-back offer for the next time you make a purchase at McDonald's, or a cash-back offer for Burger King instead.

You need $100 to open an account. Accounts carry no monthly fees and customers are given unlimited ATM reimbursements. You can deposit checks remotely by scanning the checks, or you can mail in the checks using the free postage-paid envelopes that the bank provides.

Last updated October 13 2011: 7:03 PM ET
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