Della Dotson
Della Dotson
Occupation: Truck dispatcher
Age: 31

I tell trucks where to go, deal with drivers' attitudes, get an attitude of my own, along with a little gray hair.

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to put up with the things I do every day and the people I deal with.

You've gotta kind of be one of the guys, because you're working in a man's world. There is no sexual harassment -- you can just throw that away. If you put yourself here, you should deal with it.

It's a meat locker. Guys will say things to you like, `My dog can do it better than you.' You can't take things to heart. If you show your true feelings, you won't last. I've worked in the industry for five years, and I'm just as lewd as they are.

Things can get scary, though. I saw a guy die while driving my truck. And that kind of stuff happens. I stopped my truck on the side of the road to see what happened ... when I got back into my truck, I couldn't stop shaking.

But overall it's been great. I used to make $72,000 a year working for an oil company in Utah. Now I'm making about $100,000. And it's fun meeting people here from all over the country. It's kind of like high school, meeting new people and seeing them every day. You work such long hours that you see your coworkers more than anyone else.

Last updated November 02 2011: 7:17 PM ET
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