Shift blame away from the customer reps
Shift blame away from the customer reps
Name: Terry Mingle, 46
Occupation: University administrative assistant
Location: Cortland, NY

I usually start off by saying something like, `I know this is not your fault, however...' and end with `...I'd like to get this resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible for both of us.'

It's not usually the person you're calling for help who has caused the problem, but you want them to be on your side to help you figure it out. They're just doing their jobs.

As told to by Ismat Sarah Mangla @Money - Last updated November 21 2011: 6:59 AM ET
What to do with $1,000 now

When stocks are scary and bank account yields paltry, parking your money under the mattress might seem like the only sensible move. Not the case.

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