Propose your own solution
Propose your own solution
Name: Michael Brownholz , 55
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Willow Grove, Pa.

I was driving past Newark International Airport on my way to PHL when American Airlines called to tell me that I was being re-booked on a flight that would leave six hours later. I asked if they had any seats available on flights leaving Newark, LaGuardia, or JFK.

Were the airline reps more than willing to find me a flight? Absolutely. When I suggested Newark, the rep wanted to know how quickly I could get there. They had one out of Newark leaving in 45. Re-book, park, and go. Other than offering up the suggestion, I didn't have to fight a bit.

As told to by Ismat Sarah Mangla @Money - Last updated November 21 2011: 6:59 AM ET
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When stocks are scary and bank account yields paltry, parking your money under the mattress might seem like the only sensible move. Not the case.

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