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Grace Goldoni
Grace Goldoni
Age: 18
Age started saving: 11
Amount saved: $300,000
Hometown: Princeton, N.J.

When I retire, I want to have enough money to live comfortably.

There are a lot of other things to save for [right now] since I'm only in my first year of college, so I try to put away the most that I can. I don't have a constant amount that I contribute, but when I'm working I'll try to put in at least $50 a month to my savings account. At this point, I'd say I have a little over $300,000 saved up. My parents encourage me, and sometimes they'll match the amount.

I got my first paycheck when I was 11 and right away I wanted to put it in a bank account. I started out working as a mother's helper, and then as a babysitter. Then I did lots of retail work and worked for DoughMain, where I really learned about saving and financial education.

I'm in college now, and trying to get a job, so I'm only doing a little at a time. There are always people who will say people like me who save this early are crazy. But just think: for the next 35 years that money is only going to keep growing.

Most people my age don't think about saving for retirement, and I see peers and adults alike buying so much more than they can afford. People should really start taking saving more seriously.

*In addition to saving the money she earns or is given as a gift, Grace does side jobs, like tutoring, and sells textbooks and clothing so that she is able to put even more money into her savings.

By Blake Ellis @CNNMoney - Last updated December 15 2011: 1:46 PM ET
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