7 secrets to super customer service

Feel like you've been wronged? These strategies can turn just about any company rep into your avenger.

In the past year, my wireless carrier refunded me $50 in international roaming charges that were my fault; airline reps saved me hundreds by rebooking my delayed or canceled flights for free; and my sofa was reupholstered at no charge, long after the one-year warranty was up.

My list goes on. I'm either extremely lucky or extraordinarily demanding, right? Nope. I'm just good at getting the companies I do business with to treat me well -- and to do the right thing when a situation goes awry.

In an age of deteriorating customer service -- two out of three consumers switched at least one service provider last year because of poor treatment, a recent survey by Accenture found -- that's no small feat. But it's one you can achieve too.

After consulting with customer service experts, psychologists, industry insiders, and the smartest consumers around (MONEY readers, natch), I've arrived at the secrets to getting superb service that follow.

Ismat Sarah Mangla @Money - Last updated December 13 2011: 4:48 PM ET
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'My secret to super customer service'

From a free lawnmower and swankier hotel room to a coveted seat on another flight after a cancellation, these 10 consumers have mastered the art of getting what they want from customer service reps.

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