3. Booth - Univ. of Chicago
3. Booth - Univ. of Chicago
Index: 98.5
2010 Rank: 3
Average GMAT: 719
Acceptance rate: 22%
Median base salary: $107,000
Suggested two-year budget: $170,976

The mantra of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is it's all about the idea. Students focus on generating, analyzing, comparing and refining ideas so they can turn them into even better ones.

The full-time MBA Program consists of 20 classes plus leadership effectiveness and development (LEAD). The flagship of the program is its flexible curriculum. With only one required course, students design a program to fit their career goals.

Four major components make up the flexible curriculum: foundation courses that focus on developing analytical tools and knowledge that support the rest of the curriculum; functions, management, and business environment courses that cover basic disciplines, management, and the environment in which firms operate.

Percentage of MBAs with job offers at graduation: 86%

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