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12. Scripps Health
Scripps Health
Average total pay: $141,545
For: Manager-Director*
Best companies rank: 37

Manager-Directors may pull in six-figures, but Registered Nurses at this San Diego-area hospital and clinic system make out pretty well too: around $90,000 on average, plus more than $22,000 in additional compensation.

Scripps also offers a futuristic perk: Employees can receive a DNA screening to determine their genetic risk for more than 20 health conditions. Participants agree to have their lifestyle changes tracked via self-reported health assessments at three- and 12-month intervals, with follow-ups conducted for up to 20 years. Employees, their families, and friends pay just $150 for the $2,500 scan.

Other pay supplements include identity protection insurance, college savings plans, take-home dinners, auto insurance, pre-school discounts, and more. Anyone who participates in the hospital's wellness program gets discounted health insurance -- and anyone who avoids taking a sick day for one year receives a week's pay.

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Last updated January 26 2011: 2:26 PM ET
*Most common salaried job
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