Industrial machine repairman
Industrial machine repairman
Repairs and maintenance on heavy machinery can be dangerous.
Fatality rate per 100,000 workers: 20
Median wage: $45,700

There are two main dangers in doing factory work -- the machines themselves and the chemicals and lubricants used to make the machinery work, according to Rich Fairfax, OSHA's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health.

If workers follow safety procedures, most can escape injury but sometimes they're tempted to take shortcuts.

In making repairs or regular maintenance, for instance, safety guards may have to be taken down and the power turned off at the source, said Fairfax. The repetitive nature of the task often causes workers to let down their guard and stop taking those precautions -- and that's when accidents happen, he said.

Even following procedures exactly, working heavy machinery carries risk. A small mistake can lead to fatal consequences.

Last updated August 26 2011: 11:48 AM ET
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