Frisco, Texas
The outside looks great but inside, the owner discovered a renter left a huge, fetid mess that included cat feces on the floor and walls.
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The owner of this vintage house north of Dallas, Robert Pittana, nominated it for the Ugly Home contest himself because, he said, "I had never seen a house that ugly before."

Really though, the place has all the attractive exterior accouterments of a home buyer's dream: an arched entryway and windows, solid brickwork and a fan-light over the front door. Inside, though, it was another matter.

Pittana had rented the house to someone who "went off the deep end," he said. Neighbors informed Pittana that they saw five or six cats trying to get out of the house. When he entered, he couldn't stay long: There were cat feces everywhere, even on the ceiling.

The fix included stripping out the carpets and floors, bleaching walls and repainting. He brought in an ozone machine for several days to drive out the stink. Pittana still owns his ugly home, but it's a lot easier on the eyes and nose now.

Last updated July 20 2011: 4:27 PM ET
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