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Fast Customer
Fast Customer

Nobody wants to spend billable hours on hold with their cell phone provider, or waste time on the weekend trying to get in touch with tech support to fix an aging laptop.

Enter FastCustomer, an iPhone app that does the waiting for you.

Just choose which company to call and the software does the rest, punching through the phone tree until it's reached a live human. Within a few minutes, your phone rings with the customer service rep on the line.

Caveat: the dialer will only work with companies FastCustomer has added to its database, though the company already has numbers for Apple, Best Buy, the IRS, and hundreds more. The $1 app will save the average person 60 hours on hold every year, FastCustomer founders say. Think how much work an entrepreneur could accomplish if she didn't have to listen to so much Muzak.

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LAST UPDATE: Apr 13 2011 | 1:44 PM ET
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