Sarina Jain
Sarina Jain
Sarina Jain is known as the "Jane Fonda" of India.
Company: Masala Bhangra
Headquarters: New York City

Sarina Jain's father migrated to the United States in the 1970's. He raised his children to be proud of their Indian heritage.

When he passed away of a massive cardiac arrest in 1994, Jain, a fitness instructor, remembered what he taught her.

After his death, she created Masala Bhangra, an Indian dance workout, which has since become popular.

''I felt like I had to do something to get all the Indian people in this country working out,'' said Jain. ''Working out -- the whole idea of exercise -- and finding time for it is not a priority for South Asians.''

But dancing she knew they would do.

Her first workout tape came out in 1999, and she has since released a total of eight workout DVDs. Jain also has a show on Discovery Channel's Fit & Health and another one on the website Exercise TV.

Her entrepreneurial passions didn't stop there. Recently, she launched a line of saris, the traditional dresses worn by women in India and Pakistan.

''This is my way of being creative and keeping the Indian culture alive,'' said Jain, adding she wishes her father was still alive to see her success. ''He is definitely my guiding light,'' she said.

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