• Firing horror stories

    Firing horror stories

    Be polite and professional when giving an employee the boot. And if the person getting fired starts to lose it, duck.

  • Main Street needs stability to hire 

    Main Street needs stability to hire

    Small business owners in Babylon, New York, say that the slow economy forces them to cut costs and lay off workers.

  • Hiring: Yes. No. Maybe so.

    Hiring: Yes. No. Maybe so.

    Politicians, statisticians and economists all have something to say about small business and hiring. Here's what small business owners had to say.

  • 10 great franchise bets

    10 great franchise bets

    A low loan failure rate is a vote of confidence both for the franchise business model -- or concept -- and for the people involved. The following franchises all had relatively low loan failure rates.

  • You paid what?!?

    You paid what?!?

    These 10 businesses sell pricey items but still have plenty of buyers.

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