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  •  7 toys you gotta have

    7 toys you gotta have

    Some of the coolest toys this year are coming from small toymakers that are quietly revolutionizing how kids play today. Here are five companies that just may score the hottest toy of 2011.

  • Hey, Wal-Mart, you don't own Black Friday!

    Hey, Wal-Mart, you don't own Black Friday!

    For years, big box stores dominated Black Friday. But lately, more small chains and franchise outlets are taking on the big boys on the biggest shopping day of the year, looking to make a killing. Here are five that are saying: 'Black Friday, bring it on!'

  • You paid what?!?

    You paid what?!?

    If people are tightening their purse strings, these 10 businesses wouldn't know. Their bestsellers have jaw-dropping price tags and plenty of buyers.

  • Gifts for horrible bosses

    Gifts for horrible bosses

    Monday is National Bosses Day. Other than a swift kick to the rear end, what do you give a horrible boss? Here are six gifts that will keep your boss's butt safe and you, hopefully, still gainfully employed.

  • Keep your job for five years, get $50,000

    Keep your job for five years, get $50,000

    One small business is giving its employees 50,000 reasons to stay on board for five years.

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