Hank Williams
Hank Williams
Company: Kloud.co
Age: 46
Hometown: New York, N.Y.

"I've started several tech companies. My biggest was an Internet radio company called Clickradio, which I launched in 2000. It was somewhat like Pandora; you could give a song a thumbs up or thumbs down, and learn more about the artist. We scored licensing deals with the big five music studios and secured $40 million in funding.

But when the dot-com bubble began to burst, Clickradio wasn't able to reach full velocity. I left the company in early 2001. That was disappointing, but it's just another in a long string of ventures for me.

My current company is Kloud.co, which puts all your personal data in the cloud and lets you search it. It's like a Google search engine for your information universe. You can explore your e-mails, tweets, documents, contacts, calendar and more.

We're starting with this consumer product, but I definitely plan to expand into companies. It does seem like the way to get attention is to start with consumer and move to enterprise. -As told to CNNMoney staff reporter Julianne Pepitone

CNNMoney staff reporter Julianne Pepitone interviewed each profiled entrepreneur; their comments have been edited for length and clarity.
Last updated July 22 2011: 9:53 AM ET
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