Apple's annual iPhone snafus

Every year, in the weeks following the iPhone's release, reports of problems plaguing Apple's new device inevitably take off like wildfire.

The iPhone 4S's battery problem baffles Siri, the phone's built-in virtual assistant.

This year's issue: a battery-life problem, which appears to rapidly drain the iPhone 4S' power source for no apparent reason. Customers have taken to Apple's iPhone forums to complain about the issue, and some have reported up to a 20% drop in battery life in an hour -- even when the iPhone isn't being used.

Apple has acknowledged the problem as a software bug and sent a fix to developers, though the company hasn't yet commented about it in response to questions from CNNMoney.

Does this sound familiar? That's because it's happened before. Here's a look back at some earlier iPhone snafus.

By David Goldman - Last updated November 03 2011: 2:32 PM ET
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