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More business models
More business models
"If you're not constrained by physical artifacts, then we can do all kinds of things we could never do before," says Salvador, who points to music as one example. With its "all-you-can-listen" freemium model, Spotify is helping change the way we consume content.

The same holds true with physical goods. Businesses are capitalizing on the idea of putting excess to good use. Airbnb has users renting other people's apartments; Getaround lets people borrow other people's cars; and Park Circa lets drivers share spaces, driveways, and garages in areas where parking is a premium. As consumers become more comfortable with this new form of "sharing," we'll see businesses become more inventive and offer up a new wave of services with similar models.

By JP Mangalindan, writer-reporter @FortuneMagazine - Last updated December 27 2011: 11:26 AM ET
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