Let's pause a moment to look at that interior. What do you see? Leather. The brutalized skins of murdered methane-producing cows. And wood, scraps of once-magnificent (and happily oxygen producing) living trees, brought low by the axe-man, varnished and glued into your dashboard.

This is good for the environment?

Well hang on. The cattle used to produce those seats were humanely raised and slaughtered. And that's "energy self-sufficient, closed-loop leather" created using only the most efficient techniques to minimize waste and environmental harm.

And no trees were cut down expressly to create that interior. All the wood used in the Karma is "sunken" (meaning it was hauled up the bottom of Lake Michigan after having been dumped there in the late 1800s), "recovered" (meaning it was rescued from the 2007 California wildfires), or "fallen" (knocked over by a storm).

Your living room should be so guilt-free.

By Peter Valdes-Dapena @PeterDrives - Last updated February 04 2012: 7:52 AM ET
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