Hopeful sign: Detroit wises up to mpg
Hopeful sign: Detroit wises up to mpg
Small cars are no longer an afterthought for the Detroit Three and have even become a core business. Chevy is pumping out Sonics and Cruzes, and the compact Focus (above) has dislodged the Fusion as Ford's bestseller. GM sold more than 100,000 cars in March that get better than 30 miles per gallon, for 43% of its volume. While that lags the leaders -- 75% of Hondas sold get 30 mpg or more, according to TrueCar -- it's nearly triple GM's percentage from four years ago. Another sign of the times: Ford niw sells more trucks with V-6s than V-8s.

By Alex Taylor III, senior editor-at-large @FortuneMagazine - Last updated April 26 2012: 9:42 AM ET
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