6 worst performing ETFs

ETFs may be trendy but choosing the wrong one can also be costly. ETFs from ones that track natural gas to volatility have seen double-digit losses so far this year. Here are 6 underperformers.

6. iShares MSCI Spain Index
Ticker: EWP
Year-to-date return: -21.75%
Market capitalization: $156 million
Expense ratio : 0.52%

For Spanish banks, which comprise roughly 40% of this ETF, 2012 looks a lot like 2008 did for U.S. banks...or maybe even worse.

Shares of Banco Santader (SAN), the ETF's largest single stock holding, are down roughly 38% from January. One of the ETF's other major holdings, Telefonica (TEF), Spain's major phone and Internet company, has taken a hit along with the broader Spanish economy. Telefonica's shares are down 29% so far this year.

The forecasts for Spain's troubled economy aren't promising, as the eurozone's fourth-largest economy struggles under a weighty debt burden and tough austerity measures. An unemployment rate of roughly 25% isn't helping matters..

All data from global ETF research firm XTF as of market's close on July 6, 2012.
By Maureen Farrell @CNNMoneyInvest - Last updated July 18 2012: 9:09 PM ET
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6 best performing ETFs

Despite the ups and downs in the broader market, these ETFs are still enjoying double-digit gains this year.

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