Circuit City
Circuit City

Founded in 1949, Circuit City became the second-largest retailer for televisions and other electronics before it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008. Unable to find a buyer or financing, Circuit City was liquidated, with its final stores closing in early 2009.

Circuit City was acquired by private company Systemax, a private label computer and electronics manufacturer, in 2009 for $14 million. Today, the defunct retailer's brand name doesn't appear to be gaining much traction with customers or other manufacturers. At a recent investors' conference, Systemax's CFO said the value of the brand has "turned out to be on the more modest side of what our expectation was." Systemax continues to explore other ways to license the brand outside of selling electronics through its website

By Maureen Farrell @CNNMoneyInvest - Last updated January 21 2012: 2:52 PM ET
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