Working alumni connections
Working alumni connections
Name: Brett Sorenson
Major: Accounting, finance, and business administration
College: Augsburg College, Minn.

The summer prior to my senior year I secured an internship with a local manufacturing company. I was their "accounting and budget" intern and was given an opportunity to see the many different jobs that a company's accountant is responsible for on a daily and monthly basis.

Although this was far from the glamorous internships that the "Big 4" companies provide, it still offered me a great opportunity to learn what I liked and most importantly what I did not like about a future in accounting. Upon completing the summer program, I returned to school with a more complete view of what I wanted upon graduation.

I played basketball at Augsburg and as a captain my junior and senior year, I had many responsibilities and commitments to my team, as well as my coaches. It was not until March of my senior year that I was given an interview with a small medical device company that was owned by an Augsburg alum. It happened that the head accountant was a graduate from St. Thomas, a college in the MIAC [Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference] with Augsburg. This is where I secured my first interview and first job out of college.

Through networking, as well as the basketball program at Augsburg, I was able to put together a sufficient resume to land my first job and begin my life after college.

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