Why I don't take vacation

Most Americans don't use all their vacation days. Why don't they take a break?

Rather have the cash
Rather have the cash
Kyra Mancine
Catalog copywriter
Rochester, N.Y.

I just passed my 10-year mark at my company and when you do that, you get four weeks of vacation, which I'm very grateful for.

I usually use only half of it though because they have a perk where you can get paid for up to half of your vacation time if you don't use it. That's two weeks pay.

I like having this "extra" income. It really comes in handy, especially around the holidays.

Also, as the sole copywriter for a national catalog company, I don't really have a back-up for my job. I worry that if I'm gone for an extended vacation, the work won't get done and I'll come back to a huge pile-up of projects. I hate coming back to hundreds of emails.

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