Defenders of military families

Meet Money magazine's Heroes, including Holly Petraeus of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and four others improving the lives of military families.

Protecting those who protect us
Protecting those who protect us
Holly Petraeus, assistant director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Why she's a hero: Petraeus, 59, has spent years protecting the wallets of those who protect our country. Well aware of the strains faced by military families -- married to Gen. David Petraeus, she moved her own family 24 times in 37 years -- she helped thousands of households guard against debt and rip-offs by developing workshops at the Better Business Bureau.

Her current passion: Tracking scammers who target servicepeople in one state (for example, by levying sky-high interest) so the fraud doesn't spread to another. Says Petraeus, now running CFPB's military programs: "Catching such despicable people motivates me to do my job."

Quote: "If service members are preoccupied with or distracted by financial problems, they're unlikely to give full attention to their jobs. In the military, that can mean the difference between life and death."

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By Ismat Sarah Mangla @Money - Last updated July 11 2012: 12:41 PM ET
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Military families' hidden foe

Often young and required to move frequently, many military families struggle to maintain a two-income household, find affordable childcare and save for the future.

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