Millionaires in the making

These five people are well on their way to amassing seven figures. Here's how they're making it happen.

Retire on rents
Retire on rents
Name: Paul Attar, 41
Home town: San Antonio
Occupation: Property and small-business owner
Net worth: About $550,000

Though Paul Attar is a scientist who co-founded a medical research company in 2006, the primary vehicle he's using to amass wealth for himself and his family is actually real estate.

He owns two rental properties on his own, and with his business partner formed a company that buys homes in the $150,000-$300,000 range, using 10-year loans.

He views these properties as a "long-term investment to provide wealth to our families after we are gone." Any distributions he gets from his medical company that he doesn't need go straight into his real estate venture.

His long-term goal: Own 10 properties generating $15,000 per month by 60.

By Carolyn Bigda, Lisa Gibbs, Elaine Pofeldt and Donna Rosato @Money - Last updated July 20 2012: 9:02 AM ET
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