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Work for your keep
Work for your keep
Name: Albert Hu
Year: Senior
College: UCLA

Strategy: For the current academic year, Hu moved into a housing co-op that charges lower rents than dorms or off-campus apartments in exchange for residents working four hours of cooking or cleaning a week. Nineteen meals a week are included.

Savings: $9,000 a year over a standard dorm and cafeteria contract.

Advice: "A lot of people are repelled by the idea of four hours of chores, but it actually saves time," Hu contends. "When I lived in an apartment, it was taking me an hour and a half every day to cook and clean. And there is a great sense of community at the co-op here. I've met a lot of great friends."

By Kim Clark and Beth Braverman @Money - Last updated March 23 2012: 9:41 AM ET
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