4. Bain & Company
4. Bain & Company
% of MBAs who want to work there: 13.21%
Headquarters: Boston, MA

Bain is obsessive when it comes to results, and that focus on the bottom line has shaped some of the shrewdest minds in business, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who worked as a consultant before being tapped to run Bain Capital.

MBA grads learn to be general managers at Bain, says Russ Hagey, the firm's chief talent officer. "Our consultants drive change and drive results in companies around the world, whether they're public corporations, investor-owned or in the social and nonprofit sector."

What they're looking for: Whether in a business, school or nonprofit setting, the company seeks evidence that candidates are capable of "getting things done," Hagey says. "We're looking for people who helped make some change happen."

Hiring plans: Two years of record revenues is translating into record hiring at Bain, with double-digit increases in the number of summer and full-time openings worldwide, Hagey says.

"MBA hiring is going to be approaching 400 people globally and our summer numbers are going to be pushing the couple of hundreds," he says.

Did you know? Bain's Take Two program allows consultants who've worked 10 straight months to take two months off. Many Bainies use the leave to work on a project in the social sector. Traveling and spending time with family also are popular uses of the program.

By Grace Wong, contributor @CNNMoney - Last updated June 05 2012: 10:14 AM ET
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