Apple's iTunes gift cards
Apple's iTunes gift cards
Settlement: $50 million
Pay-out per customer: $3.25

In April, 2009, some Apple gift card recipients became upset when they went to buy songs at the iTunes music store and discovered that some prices had been raised to $1.29. At the time, the gift cards clearly stated that the songs cost 99 cents.

As a result, disgruntled customers filed a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming Apple had overcharged them.

Apple is paying about $50 million to settle the issue. Instead of cash, customers who file a claim will get store credit. The grand total per customer: $3.25 -- not even enough to buy three $1.29 songs.

Claimants must have purchased an iTunes gift card that had "songs are 99 cents;" or other language indicating that songs sold for that price on the card or the packaging. They also must have used the card to buy one or more $1.29 songs from the iTunes store on or before May 10, 2010.

Apple had no comment.

By Les Christie @CNNMoney - Last updated February 15 2012: 5:41 AM ET
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