It's a barrier to growth
It's a barrier to growth
Boatyard owner John Norton (left) rides with a loyal customer and his company's service manager.
Company: Annapolis Harbor Boat Yard
Owner : John Norton
Location : Annapolis, Md.
Employees: 15

Despite my worries about the health care reform, it has not influenced my business decisions so far. But that could change if we decide to grow.

We're far from becoming a 50-person company forced to provide coverage or pay fines starting in 2014. But the requirement is a barrier to growth. If this law isn't repealed, will I stop hiring at 49 employees? Probably.

I'm concerned the reforms will severely impact the rates at which we can provide health care, something that's already an issue, especially in my line of business. This boatyard is one of the last full-service marine repair shops for medium-sized private vessels. The rates are higher because most of our employees are older. Only a third has signed up for the company option.

The passing of these policies, though, points to a bigger problem. New legislation and requirements are passing at such a high rate that no one in their right mind can keep up with compliance. Small businesses below 45 or 25 employees just don't.

As told to Jose Pagliery @CNNMoney - Last updated February 24 2012: 7:55 AM ET
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