Wal-Mart challenge draws wacky products

Wal-Mart's first-ever 'American Idol'-like competition has pulled in 4,000 entries. Here's a sampling of a few creative ones vying to win the grand prize.

A fork for dogs
A fork for dogs
Company: My Best Friend's Fork
Price: $18.99

Val Arnold, who calls her two Rottweilers her "two children," would often feed them vitamins and table food off of her own fork. One day, one of the dogs snatched the fork from her hand and wouldn't let go. That scare got Arnold quickly searching online for a safer animal-friendly "fork."

Instead, she found many images of x-rays of dogs that had accidentally swallowed forks. Tired of searching, she decided to invent a dog-friendly fork. She started selling the product in January. She said the curved handle of her fork prevents it from getting pulled from the hand. Her doggie forks offer a lifetime warranty, and some even come embellished with pink, blue and clear Swarovski crystals.

By Parija Kavilanz @CNNMoney - Last updated March 21 2012: 10:50 AM ET
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