• 10 most entrepreneurial states

    10 most entrepreneurial states

    Opening up a small business in a tough economy is a gamble. But these ten states saw more startup activity than anywhere else nationwide.

  • 7 most business-friendly cities

    7 most business-friendly cities

    These metro areas rated highest on hiring, licensing, regulation, zoning and more.

  • America's biggest boomtowns

    America's biggest boomtowns

    Certain parts of the country are seeing their economies improve and are boasting jobs galore, thanks to new oil booms.

  • Boom chasers: Next stop, Kansas

    Boom chasers: Next stop, Kansas

    Working in the oil industry can be exhausting, risky and lonely. But for these seven people, the high pay -- often in the six-figures -- and the thrill of chasing booms across the country is worth it.

  • Oil boom brews in rural Kansas - Video 

    Oil boom brews in rural Kansas - Video

    Locals brace for impact as both the oil and wind industries move hundreds of jobs, and plenty of cash, to Harper County Kansas.

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