SAS Institute
SAS Institute

Best Companies rank: 3
Social media used: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, The Hub (internal tool), internal and external blog

SAS offers substantial training in social media for its employees: its new education program, "Social Studies," provides workshops and training modules, while an optional responsible-use course had several thousand participants last year. The company says the next step in promoting appropriate use of social media is for employees to use The Hub, what SAS describes as its "internal Facebook." A closed environment with over 8,000 users since its start last year (the company says its CEO is a frequent user), The Hub allows for conferencing, groups, and event planning across SAS' far-flung offices. Individual teams can form closed groups for sharing documents on the platform, which is powered by Socialcast software.

By Alex Konrad, reporter @FortuneMagazine - Last updated January 20 2012: 7:06 AM ET
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