• America's energy job machine is heating up

    America's energy job machine is heating up

    Deep-sea drilling and fracking are helping to unearth abundant supplies of oil and gas. The coming energy renaissance could be just the elixir the U.S. economy needs.

  • Why Boone Pickens loves gas

    Even though natural-gas powered vehicles are stuck in neutral, he still believes it's the best way to help America reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

  • Shale gas is no alternative to renewables

    If we really want to cool the planet this century, we need rapid and massive deployment of a mix of conservation, wind, solar, and nuclear energy -- not natural gas.

  • The biggest winners of Obama's natural gas push

    The President's effort to make natural gas a viable alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel in cars and trucks could change the fate of the ailing industry.

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