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Silicon Valley isn't known for its diversity, but it is home to a handful of highly paid female executives.
These startups are working to leverage technology to level the playing field for minorities and women in tech.
Forget Florida. Residents of these states are happy, safe, and have good health care -- all for the right price.
Jared Leto, Patrick Dempsey, Nas and have at least one thing in common. They're all startup investors.
The new 'Hello Barbie' talking doll is getting some flak for being creepy. But she's in good company.
Apple's stubbornness has a tendency to be aggravating in the near-term but downright prophetic in the long-term. Well ... most of the time.
Whether it's moving to a small coffee plantation in Costa Rica or volunteering at national parks, these six retirees are living the way they want. Here's how they got there.
Graduates with bachelor's degrees from these private schools see the biggest return on their college investment, according to a report from PayScale.
There's no end to the creative ways scammers will try to steal your identity and your money. And tax time is one of their favorite times of the year. Here's how to spot a top scam and protect yourself.
Graduates with bachelor's degrees from these state schools see the biggest return on their college investment, according to a report from PayScale.
These are some of the stand-out cars and trucks on display at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.
The company that once was Google turns 20. We look back at the many, many brands it has cycled through. Remember Geocities?
Remember The Nasdaq is roaring back towards its all-time high. Here are some of the biggest dot-com busts from the last time the Nasdaq topped 5,000.
Take a look at the devices creating a stir at the world's biggest mobile tech show.
With the death of Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Star Trek's Spock, we remember his character's legacy: The technology we use every day.
Where you can still get an Ionic Breeze air freshener. The Sharper Image and five other bankrupt brands still walk among the living, sort of.
Here's what luxury homeowners are adding to their kitchens.
By now, you've seen the red carpet looks from the 2015 Oscars. But you haven't seen 5 year-olds dressed up like A-listers at the awards, until now. Photographer Tricia Messeroux and designer Andrea Pitter recreated the pint-sized looks in just 36 hours.
For those willing to shell out just a little extra, several à la carte services offer experiences usually reserved for First Class passengers.
The magazine's favorite cars include three American models for the first time in years, thanks to a big boost from Tesla.
These upcoming models will raise the bar on what an SUV can be.
Bricks that grow from microorganisms, household garbage turned into art, three-wheeled bike-cars -- these startups are redefining urban living.
Alibaba, Disney, AT&T and Starbucks make your heart go pitter-patter. They are some of the most looked up stocks on CNNMoney.
Breaking the six-figure price barrier, the Nissan GTR has defected from the cheap supercar club.
You definitely shouldn't left swipe Apple, FedEx, Southwest and these seven other stocks. They made us swoon and look like a great match for your portfolio.
The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy calls these the "Greenest cars" you can buy.
River cruises are a hot vacation trend, and these vessels take the experience to a whole new level.
IAC's Tinder has a big foothold on the online dating industry. But there are far more dating apps out there. Here are the latest and greatest online dating alternatives.
The WRX STI has always been on top of Subaru's pedestal, but its cheaper sibling is aiming to knock it off.
The worst hacks ever include computer viruses, stolen credit cards, data breaches and embarrassing leaked memos.
The bull market in stocks turns 6 years old in March. Investors in these funds made a lot of money.
The Ferrari 488 GTB has a 660 horsepower turbocharged V8 engine and replaces the 458 model.
The electronic giant's road to ruin is littered with 8-tracks, CD payers, pagers and many, many calculators.
Want a new TV for the Super Bowl? Some great deals make now the time to buy.
Orthopedic surgeons take home a median $410,000 in salary and bonus annually. What other great careers from CNNMoney and's list of Best Jobs in America offer hefty paychecks?
Demand for IT security consultants are projected to grow a solid 37% between 2012 and 2022. What other careers on CNNMoney and's list of America's best jobs will see big opportunities?
CNNMoney/PayScale's top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work.
These were the highest prices paid for collectible cars -- and a bus -- at the Scottsdale auto auctions.
This catalog is always packed with ridiculous items that we just can't live without.
These five entrepreneurs took their blue collar experience and used it to launch innovative businesses.
These are the cars, trucks and SUVs, in 22 different categories, that hold their value best.
Severe spending cuts designed to repair the Greek economy have dealt a heavy blow to its citizens.
Life in Williston, N.D., is a lot more uncertain with oil prices hitting new lows each day.
Ads for the 49th Super Bowl explore familiar themes: girls, humor and cute animals.
2014 was just revealed to be the hottest year ever. Climate change is horrifying for the human race -- but these industries are poised to profit.
These are some of the stand-out cars and trucks on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
From a luxury chateau in the sky to an urban mansion: Feast your eyes on these obscenely expensive Manhattan apartments.
From the Terlingua International Chili Cook-Off to the Oregon Truffle Festival, these celebrations of local food aren't just great excuses to eat, they are also great vacation destinations.
Lenovo just sold its 100 millionth ThinkPad. Here's a look back at the past 23 years of the iconic laptops.
Hotels close to this year's Super Bowl in Arizona have been booked for months. But these super-sized, super luxe, super pricey properties are still available to rent on HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace.