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Artists are taking to the streets to express their views on the Greek crisis.
Unlike the West, Taiwanese brides-to-be sit for hun sha ?? photo sessions before their actual wedding day. The photos are seen as a status symbol as well as a way to capture the brides' youth and glamor.
Here are the new travel apps and services that will make trips easier, less time-consuming, and more fun for the every day business traveler. says these cars do the most for the American economy.
12 of the most awesome hotel gyms around the country where business travelers can recharge
Millennials like to go off the beaten path when they travel. From Havana to Taipei, here are top travel destinations for young travelers.
Netflix blew away the rest of the stock market during the first half of the year. Here's a look at the other top stocks of 2015.
The world's most expensive cities for beer range from European capitals to financial centers in Asia. These are the destinations where a pint will set you back the most.
Slap on some sunscreen and hit the open road in one of these fun open-top cars.
Big business took to Twitter to celebrate Friday's historic Supreme Court decision.
From spending months at sea cruising across the world to stepping right up to sea lions in their natural habitat, luxury travel network Virtuoso surveyed nearly 6,000 people from 60 countries to find out which vacation destinations top their lifelong bucket lists.
While the Volkswagen Golf isn't normally associated with blistering performance, the Golf R will blow your socks off.
Urban explorer Seph Lawless photographed ruins of theme parks for the latest installment in his "Autopsy of America" book series.
Venture capital often gets knocked for its lack of diversity. But these five upstarts aren't just changing the face of funding -- they're changing where the money goes.
Are people lazy? Well, they certainly like companies that make it easy for them, and these seven startups are leading the pack.
In the spirit of fun, these four innovators are using tech to liven up age-old activities.
Education, homelessness, American manufacturing -- these entrepreneurs are using tech to make a difference in their corners of the world.
If data and hardware are the future, these six startups are creating the world they want to live in.
For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum Global surveyed business students at colleges around the world to see where they most want to work.
Greeks are weary after years of austerity, but most also want to stay in the eurozone. It's a tough choice.
Windows 10 is coming July 29. Here's a look back at Windows, starting with version 1.0.
Richard Branson, Angie Hicks and other entrepreneurs share a moment that inspired their success.
Chances are these cities mean little to you. Yet they are tipped to be among the richest in the world by 2025.
The best quality new cars are from Hyundai and Kia, according to a new survey from J.D. Power.
Millennials are latching onto ETFs faster than older generations. These are the most popular ETFs among young investors, according to TD Ameritrade.
Robb Report magazine has released its annual list of the best cars for those who don't worry about monthly payments.
Each year, research firm Universum USA surveys B-school students to see where they most want to work, for an exclusive CNNMoney list. Here's what hiring managers there are looking for.
Fast food companies are competing to come up with the weirdest flavor combinations, mixing everything from pizza and hotdogs to bacon and donuts. The question is, who is eating this stuff?
These states had the biggest economic boost in 2014. Can they keep it up?
The all-new 7-series features scads of new technology but BMW promises the fun is still there.
Apple announced new features in iOS 9 that will make iPhone and iPad owners very happy.
Real estate prices in these cities are well above pre-recession levels, according to real estate investment firm West Realty Advisors.
The experts at Kelley Blue Book think these are cars to be seen if you haven't much to spend.
After the housing crash, markets across the country have been on a long road to recovery. These markets are still undervalued, according to real estate investment firm West Realty Advisors.
In anticipation of Windows 10's July 29 debut, PC companies are showing off their best new PCs at this year's Computex electronics show.
With its powerful engine and capacious interior, the Mulsanne Speed is the car for someone who simply wants the most of everything.
The Better Life Index looks beyond economic indicators to rank countries by happiness and overall well-being.
For some Americans, middle class means feeling secure. For others, it's just the opposite.
Apple has the most valuable brand in the world, up 67% over the last year, according to a BrandZ ranking.
The subjects of Mary Ellen Mark's photography ranged from celebrities to world leaders to those at the fringe of society, including prostitutes and the homeless.
Unemployment is at its lowest level since 2007, but some companies are still cutting lots of jobs.
There are lots of good options for millennials shopping for their first car. These models might not be the most popular, but they're worth considering.
Consumers can buy just about anything and get it shipped to their door from Alibaba's Taobao, China's most popular online shopping platform.
It's not just automakers that issue massive recalls. From lawn darts to Pokemon balls, plenty of other consumer products have been deemed dangerous, or worse, deadly.
These 10 cities saw the highest price rises for prime residential real estate over the past 12 months.
A handful of restaurateurs have started 'no tipping' policies. Here's why, and how they're paying their staff.
These metro areas offer hiring opportunity, housing affordability and job satisfaction, according to Glassdoor.
A $2 million budget can mean a sprawling mansion or a one-bedroom apartment.
Of the 200 top paid CEOs in America, just 13 are women. Yahoo's Marissa Mayer is no. 1 on the list. Guess it pays to lean in.
The 15 highest-paid corporate chiefs in America took home a whopping $1.1 billion last year -- about $70 million apiece on average. Discovery Communications' David Zaslav tops the list -- with $156 million in total pay.