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Here are the top 10 markets where Millennials represented large shares of mortgages, according to Realtor.com
A look at his brands and iconic creations
Whole Foods became the latest corporate giant to lay off workers. Here's a look at the companies that have announced the most jobs cuts this year.
Here are the best cities to crack open a cold one and celebrate Oktoberfest, according to Trulia.
Quirky declared bankruptcy two weeks ago. CNNMoney looks at the unique and not-so-unique products
Where in the world do workers toil the most? Hong Kong has the most workaholics while New York doesn't even make the cut.
From convertibles to racecars to SUVs, all sorts of vehicles came out at one or Europe's premier car shows.
Today these 11 Republican candidates want to be president of the United States. Take a look at their first jobs.
Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed the longest reign of any British monarch, spanning seven tumultuous decades for the UK economy.
The Bentayga will be the world's fastest and most luxurious SUV, at least for now.
The iPhone has evolved significantly throughout its history. Here's a look at how the iPhone has developed over the years.
When companies change logos, the backlash is often fierce.
BB-8 can now be yours. So can interactive Furbacca, Yoda, a three-pronged lightsaber and other toys from the Star Wars movie.
Google changed its logo for the fifth time in 17 years this week. Here's what the old ones looked like.
Joe is 50 years old and makes $70,000 a year. He should already have $364,000 saved for retirement. Are you on track?
It was the wildest week in stocks in recent memory. Here's photos and CNNMoney's tweets of reactions to the panicked selling on Monday and Tuesday, which gave way to a mad buying scramble on Wednesday and Thursday. And then...a selloff on Friday again.
After Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans had to reinvent the way it manages water and protects itself from future storms.
Art majors can make big bucks, too. Find out which school has the highest paid grads in your major.
When cars are sold where the wealthiest car collectors gather, prices can go sky high.
These are some of the top boutique hotels used by business travelers, according to data from Booking.com.
Let's face it: Hello Kitty is super cute and super rich.
Companies are increasingly booking Airbnb apartments to accommodate their traveling employees. Here are some of the top spots for business travelers, as chosen by Airbnb.
Vladimir Putin's Russia has barred a lot of things in recent years. Some of the restrictions alarm human rights watchers, while others are more amusing to outside observers.
2015 has been an amazing year for innovation. Here are the best patents to be granted so far this year.
Foreign musicians performing in China are subject to censorship, and must be first vetted by the government. Here are five acts that have run into trouble with China.
A roundup of the biggest and best back to school gadget deals for 2015 from Apple, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Sears.
Take a look inside 12 of the most expensive and beautiful private jets.
A handful of 2016 presidential candidates appear to agree on at least one thing: The cost of college is too much. Here's some of what they've said so far about how they want to fix that.
10 luxury hotels converted from buildings that defy time.
Google is now part of Alphabet, a holding company that operates Google and its former side businesses.
You've seen hackers, right? Guy at a laptop wearing a ski mask and hoodie? Well, actually that's ridiculous. Meet real hackers. They're talented security researchers that find flaws so companies fix them -- and keep you safe.
Exclusive hotel executive floors that unlock access to private lounges and personalized amenities.
The U.S. is still behind the developed world when it comes to paid time off for new parents. But these companies are making strides.
These are the money lessons every young adult should know.
CEOs like Apple's Tim Cook live and travel with their guards up -- their companies, homes and families have protection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; sometimes, millions.
What are rich people doing that you aren't? Take these steps and get on the road to wealth.
In the past 6 years, giants like Exxon and Walmart have slid while tech companies have soared.
Here's a list of the best newspaper movies.
In total, the 'Pinnacle Portfolio' is the most valuable group of cars from one collection ever sold in a single auction.
Are robots catching up to humans? Yes. Should we be scared? Find out!
The median home price climbed to $236,400 in June, according to the National Association of Realtors. Here's what that will buy you across the United States.
Living by the water doesn't always have to set you back seven figures.
These are the cars that America loves the best, according to J.D. Power's latest APEAL survey.
These 10 power couples are each worth tens of billions of dollars, making Beyonce and Jay-Z look middle class in comparison.
From a new type of water to flowers in your food, here's a look at the latest food trends hitting the culinary world this year.
Searching for a startup idea? Here are businesses in high demand by customers on Thumbtack.com.
The bull market looks like it's back on track. But what are the biggest obstacles that could knock it off track?
These older ragtops may not have all the fancy features of modern cars, but they offer plenty of fun at a low price.