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6 states with the highest startup rates Sparked by widespread layoffs, government incentives, or just a plain can-do spirit, Americans launched businesses at the highest rate in 15 years in 2009 and 2010, according to a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation. Here are six states with the highest startup rates. (more)
Indie Charleston Small businesses thrive in this picturesque city on the South Carolina coast. (more)
A festival of ice and fish The International Eelpout Festival, held near Walker, Minn., offers merrymaking for -- and by -- entrepreneurs. (more)
What we'll drive next These 6 insurgent automakers are outmaneuvering the Big Three to shape the future of the automobile. (more)
Hindsight First came the recession. Now come the books about the roots of the recession. (more)
Holiday gifts for the yoga nut These 7 small brands are helping fuel a booming yoga industry. (more)
Jam session So you wanna be a rock-and-roll star? This gear will get you jamming in style. (more)
The selling of America Tales of predatory private-equity bankers and the science of thinking. (more)
Bringing out the dead Home from Iraq, two Marines work to help bereaved families. (more)
Antivirus bake-off Which new security suite best protects your PC? (more)
Why I Launched Here We asked entrepreneurs in all 50 Best Places how their hometown treats business owners. See how the cities stack up. (more)
Indie Houston When the temperature dips, Houston becomes a hot destination for a tour of local businesses. (more)
Six steps to creative breakthroughs Innovation is a process. Follow our road map to generate game-changing ideas for your business. (more)
Innovation Nation Call it the Eureka Moment: The sudden, blinding flash of inspiration that leads to a new product or company. We asked four inventors to share the story of theirs. (more)
Indie Boston The city is a paradise for small businesses -- and food lovers. (more)
Snow job A newbie entrepreneur creates a sled for grown-ups. (more)
Headset heaven Our fearless reviewer seeks a Bluetooth earpiece that won't make him look like an idiot in public. (more)
The maverick's business guide Guns, Machiavellian ethics and master dealmaking skills: What every entrepreneur needs. (more)
Buenos Aires Our guide to the hot spots in Argentina's entrepreneurial capital city. (more)
Leading the creative class Authors take on the future of advertising and unleashing employees' innovative ideas in this month's book picks. (more)